Obtain greater compliance from the parcels

Control Tower

A control panel so that you can see the fulfillment of the parcel and, not only that, see the delivery days.

We have a daily basis with delays per order number according to the couriers' SLA,

We create reporting tickets for shipments from the first day of delay, we start to be proactive instead of reactive.

Instead of reacting until the customer complains about not receiving the order after 1 month, the Control Tower will make the decision to notify the customer and the brand that the order will be duplicated with the best courier delivering in that area after 5 days of delay.

Customers who use it

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Assigns the best parcels

Our algorithm takes into account the historical performance of each carrier and assigns the best carrier based on the zip code.

Save on shipping costs

We can deliver 95% of orders in less than 48 hours and save up to 30% on shipping costs.

We absorb the additional cost

If the parcel is delayed by 6 days, we automatically suggest duplicating the order with the most expensive carrier with next day delivery and absorbing the additional cost.

Tracking of each package

Where we can see the promised delivery date and the days elapsed since shipment.

Anticipating shipment delays

Based on tracking status and estimated time of arrival. In addition, we can see the packages that had a serious problem (lost package) and we can automatically refund or even create a new shipment, depending on the brands rules for shipping problems.

Notified by e-mail

We automatically and immediately communicate any delay or problem with your products through several means

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