Your inventory for sure y in one place

Store your products in our Urban Fulfillment Centers and create an optimal, on-demand inventory flow that will help you minimize costs and maximize delivery.

FREE 30 days of storage*.

Concentrate and manage your inventory with Cubbo's technology

We store your inventory in our fulfillment centers and make sure your products are safe and ready to be delivered to your customers.

Unify your inventory

You will be able to have visibility and control by keeping your inventory in one place.

24/7 security

We continuously check inventory to ensure that it is in good condition and record the operation at our fulfillment centers.

Low costs

We ship your products to arrive the same day and move your inventory if necessary to maintain low shipping costs.

Network of centers at fulfillment

Get to know our network of warehouses strategically located in the areas where your potential customers are.


Military Engineers 70 Argentina Poniente, interior 15, Parque Industrial, 11230 Mexico City, CDMX


Santa Clara St., 150 Maria Imac, Embu das Artes - SP, 06843-000150 Maria Imac, Embu das Artes - SP, 06843-000, Brazil.
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Rua Benedito Campos de Morais, 212 - Vila Anastácio - São Paulo - SP, 06843-000, Brazil . São Paulo - SP, 05094-010.

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Pick and pack

Pick up and packing as you would do it.

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Send in record time and

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Reverse logistics

Simplifies the returns process.

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Find out how we can help you grow your e-commerce with our fullfilment service.