Create a unique experience with your packaging

Inspire and surprise your customers with your customized packaging.

FREE 30 days of storage*.

Simplify your pick and pack

Everything you need to offer a unique and magical unboxing experience. Make your customers become ambassadors of your brand.

Simple collections

We make your pickups or refills simple

Saves time

Schedule and manage your inventory receipts in one place

Safety at all times

We verify your products upon arrival at the warehouse

Save money

We offer competitive prices for your packaging.


Add any kind of advertising material and get an amazing unboxing experience.


We do a Quality Check of your products before shipping and we make a recording of the product to always have evidence.

We pack your products and take care of them as if you were doing it yourself.

Cubbo customer - Someone Somewhere

Someone somewhere

The work Cubbo has done has been key: having a dedicated customer service for us and delivering the products to all customers inside and outside of Mexico has been the added value of our ecommerce in order to enhance our brand.

After the customer places the order, Cubbo takes care of everything. Thanks to its technology and integration with our online store, it receives the information of the order in an automated way, attends and follows up the complete logistics and is attentive until the customer confirms that he has the product in his hand and is completely satisfied.

Alejandro Ramos
Logistics Coordinator
Cubbo customer - Platanomelon


Being with Cubbo has opened the doors to the LATAM market, helping us to reduce delivery times and save on shipping.

In the beginning everything was shipped from Spain and delivery times to Latin America were long. Now from Mexico, delivery times have been shortened to 1.3 days nationwide.

We deliver securely, our buyers can have total confidence about their privacy, we handle discretion from start to finish.

Country Manager


From the beginning we had the support of Cubbo, which was a great support, because we had never done fulfillment.

Cubbo provides us with solutions and has been a teacher for us in matters that we did not know about ecommerce.

Cubbo helped us to think and act as one, to be a team. What we like the most, is that they are a very fast and efficient company, but at the same time, very human. When we have any concern or need, we have direct communication and contact with the corresponding area to solve it immediately.

Jose Manuel
Head of operation
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