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Being with Cubbo has facilitated our expansion in LATAM, shortening delivery times and reducing shipping costs. Before, we were shipping everything from Spain with long delivery times in Latin America. Now, from Mexico, we achieve national delivery times of only 1.3 days. We guarantee the security and privacy of our customers at all times.

Ecommerce director
Country Manager
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Thanks to Cubbo, we have improved our customers' shopping experience with free shipping and delivery time visibility. Also, the automatic returns and exchanges process has increased consumer confidence. Their apparel expertise has been essential to a smooth operation.

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Ecommerce SR Director
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We did a fairly extensive test at the Buen Fin, we talked to customers who gave us their experience with Cubbo, they gave us good feedback, the truth is, we sent enough inventory to be able to open the online channel and to do a test, well significant, where we obtained different results and nothing, it went very well.

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Head of Operations

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