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Our technology allows us to have the lowest costs, generating logistical savings of up to 60%.

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$401 MXN m3/month

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price per piece

$16.50 MXN

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$68 MXN Same day
(1-15 Kg)

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Super Saver

87 MXN Next day
(1-5 Kg)

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$102 MXN Next day
(1-2 Kg)

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$147 MXN
(< 1Kg)

$170 MXN
(1-5 Kg)

$179 MXN(5-7 Kg)

From 7 Kg and up $29
*Next day Zone A-D
*2-5 Days Zone E-H
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Complete logistics management for your business

- Warehouses located in Mexico and Brazil
- International shipments
- Personalization of packages
- Shelving for each brand
- Control over fiscal notes

Integrate your sales channels

- Integration with the main e-commerce channels
- Integration with the main marketplaces
- Synchronization with your inventory

Strengthen your team with data

- Real-time information
- Detailed order chronology
- Control of information with business rules

Unique tracking experience

- Tracking widget for your store
- Widget for tracking returns on your website.
- Branded tracking emails
- Tracking page

Intelligent carrier assignment

- We automatically select the best carrier by zip code based on cost and delivery time.
- We proactively track all late orders before the customer complains.
- We double the few orders that are very late and absorb that cost.

We increase your recurring customer rate

- 83% do not buy again after a bad experience.
- We deliver so fast (1.7 days national average) that the customer has no time to complain.
- We offer business rules for new and repeat customers (add samples, gifts, promotions)
- We provide full traceability, in real time and branded throughout the process.

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