Low costs, pay for only 3 services

Our scalable technology and solid network of fulfillment
allow us to have the lowest costs, generating logistic
savings up to 60%

Picking position:

$401 MXN m3/month

Price per piece:

$16.5 MXN


$68 MXN Same Day (1-15 Kg)

Super Saver:

$87 MXN next day (1-5 Kg)



$102 MXN next day (1-2 Kg)

Additional kg $11


$147 MXN  (<1Kg)

$170 MXN (1-5 Kg)

$179 MXN (5-7 Kg)

From 7 Kg and up $29

*Next day Zone A-D

*2-5 Days Zone E-H

Picking position

76,000 COP per M3

Price per piece:

$1,200 COP

,700 COP (Clothing)


$7,500 COP ( 1 kg)
Same Day & Next Day


$10,800 COP (1-2 Kg)

$15,400 COP (3-5 Kg)

$22,000 COP (6-10 Kg)

Major cities

Difficult access area:

$17,100 COP (1-2 Kg)

$25,300 COP ( 3-5 Kg)

$38,500 COP ( 6-10 Kg)

Picking position

R$100,00 per M3


Fixed for the first item in the order R$ 4.50

Additional itemsR$ 0.50


Cubbo Packaging

Icaixa de até 21x13x14 cm


Local deliveries from R$ 7.83
Sao Paulo


Variable according to CEP, weight and Note value

Fiscal (consult our specialist for the planilha de fretes)

Free of charge all our functionalities

Complete logistics management
for your business

3 warehouses in Brazil, Colombia and Mexico.

10+ carrier integrations

International shipments

Use your own customized packages

Shelving for every brand

Integrate your
sales channels

Integrations with the main e-Commerce channels

Integrations with the main Marketplaces

Fulfillment B2B


Strengthen your team with Data

Real-time information

Inventory analysis

Detailed order chronology

Information control with business rules

Create a Prime-like shipping experience

Show accurate delivery dates at checkout

FREE next day delivery

International shipments

Unique tracking experience

Brand follow-up emails

Email interaction analysis

Tracking widget for your store

Simple returns

Customized returns portal

Product return analysis

Automatic shifting

World-class support

Customized tracking for your brand

E-mail and live chat support

Complete knowledge base

Launch your shipments in one week

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