An operation working 365 days a year to ensure logistical excellence

We will be your logistics muscle powered by technology so you can focus on growing your business.

Moving costs are at our expense

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Notification of receipt of inventory

Inventory receipt

Immediate thrust

Monitor the progress of parts and veil entry reflected in your online store in real time.

Active presales

Sell your product when your inventory is just on its way to the warehouse

Requests for maquilas

We work with products shipped directly from the factory to be added to your inventory.

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Storage notification

Inventory management

Real-time movements

Manage your inventory in real time from the platform and analyze the availability of each product.

Create virtual kits

Expand your catalog by selling as kits the products you already stock without blocking sales as individuals

Batch control

Manage your products by batch if necessary to avoid selling an expired product

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Notification of business rule

Assortment and packaging

Automates decisions

Cancels or pauses at-risk or non-payment orders and automates the addition of promotional items at packaging

Customize your packaging

Automates the instruction of how to pack each order depending on the order contents

Special care for fragile products

We will pack orders that include products that we determine to be fragile with special packaging.

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fewer incidents


Strategic parcel allocation

The fastest and lowest cost parcel will be chosen considering the weight of the order and the delivery destination.

Tracking and notifications

Keep your customer updated on the status of their order and offer support in the event of an incident

Dynamic delivery estimate

Give your customer visibility of when the order is expected to be delivered to enhance their delivery experience

Offers collections at physical points

Your customers can choose to receive their products at home or pick them up at a collection center.

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Notification of changes or returns

Returns and exchanges

Returns widget

Allow your customers to request returns or exchanges directly from your website

Reentry of daily product

All returned products will be processed on the same day of arrival at the warehouse.

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orders sent


Import your product effortlessly

Cubbo acts as your importer of record (IOR) and helps you avoid import delays.

End-consumer payment processing

Cubbo's Merchant of Record (MOR) service processes payments and handles end-consumer taxes.

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